We Say: Open the Doors! Let the Refugees Come! Let the Lives be Saved!

Am vergangenen Samstag, den 24.11.2018 gedachten 70 TeilnehmerInnen der über 35.000 Toten an den europäischen Außengrenzen seit 2002. Unter Ihnen Farhad Ali Baloch, Geflüchteter aus Göttingen. Seinen Beitrag dokumentieren wir hier:

 My dear people of Gottingen!

Today we gather to speak loud in one voice to tell the refugees who are trying to escape war in the countries passing through Mediterranean that WE ARE WITH YOU! We feel your pain and We know your sufferings.

It is about time the EU reconsiders its cruel border crossing policies that push back the innocent refugees to hell. I myself being a refugee from war-torn Balochistan have seen war, bloodshed and chaos. Trust me, it is the worst feeling a human being can have. If I was never allowed to escape and reach here, I would have been long dead or missing. Who knows.

Today I feel lucky to make it alive in this beautiful environment. The love and respect I have received is beyond words. And I want the same for all refugees. I stand here and ask the European Union leadership to ask their conscience, would they keep their doors shut for the helpless victims of wars? The men, women, children and old? Would they leave them die on their way through the Meditereanean Sea??

We Say NO! We Say Open the Doors! We Say Let the Refugees Come! We Say Let the Lives be Saved!


Der Beitrag im Göttinger Tagblatt hier:

Zu einer weiteren Kundgebung ruft das Lampedusa Bündnis am 10.12.2018 um 16:30 auf den Willhemlsplatz auf.